North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine makes every effort to protect your patient’s data from unauthorised access and distribution.

As a valued referring clinician to our local practices North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (NSRNM) invites you to apply for access to your patient’s images using NSRNM PACS” our digital records product. By simply obtaining a unique user name and password, we are confident that you will find access to your patient’s records convenient, straightforward and beneficial.

Statutory Privacy Laws require that NSRNM ensures that any access to its records is restricted to authorised persons and for the justified medical treatment purposes only.

We, therefore, require every individual who wishes to useNSRNM PACS” to sign a Confidentiality agreement, agreeing to comply with these restrictions and to act in a way that maintains the highest standards of privacy for our patients, referrers and staff.

Please submit your details below if you wish to have access to the NSRNM PACS.  You will then be contacted by our Medical Liaison Officer who will contact you with further details.

If you would like to contact our Medical Liaison Officer to discuss further details please call 02 9170 4500.

PACS Connection Details


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