MY NSR is a new way to manage your images. It is available as an app on your smart device, or you can view your images online via a portal (web page). MY NSR reduces the need to wait for and store films, this is also much more environmentally friendly. Your images will be securely stored, and you have the freedom to share them with healthcare professionals and even friends and family.


My NSR is ideal if:

•             You have a long-term medical condition and need your medical history

•             You travel – have your images instantly available anywhere in the world

•             Need to share scans with other health professionals such as consultants, physiotherapists, or chiropractors etc.

•             Wish to always have secure mobile access to your imaging results


Account set up:

On the day of your scan, you will receive an SMS asking you to activate your account. All you need to do is tap on the link and follow the prompts. The prompts will automatically take you to the app store that is compatible with the smart device you are using.

Please read the frequently asked questions coming next. If you are having any issues setting up an account please email: 

Frequently asked Questions


How do I create an account?

After your appointment, you will receive a text from us which is an invitation to join My NSR. This invitation will contain a link to activate your account and download the app.

Once your account has been activated, you can sign in:

•             Via the mobile app on your mobile device

•             By visiting on your computer


Is the app and online portal secure?

Yes, your data is stored on NSR infrastructure and is protected in line with NSR security. Your information is encrypted during transmission and at rest.


When can I see my images?

You should have your images four hours after your appointment. Your doctor will have access to your images and report as soon as they have been released.


Can I share my images with other service providers or family and friends?

Yes, My NSR presents you with options to share your images with medical specialists, service providers and with family and friends. You can set a time limit on the shares and even revoke a share earlier if you choose. 


How do I share my images?

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Select the scan you wish to share by tapping the share button
  3. Customise your share – you can limit the days your scan is active – then click submit
  4. A Quick Share URL will appear
  5. Share your URL electronically with your doctor

Where are my prior images?

Any of your previous scans conducted with us prior to 7th December 2021 will not automatically become available. If you wish to have these uploaded into your account, please email:


Can I still receive films as well as / instead of using My NSR?

Digital reports and images are not only convenient for you but are much better for the environment. NSR doesn’t routinely print films for this reason. In some circumstances referring practitioners will request hard copies in which case we can provide a copy on film or cd.


How do I unsubscribe?

If you no longer want to receive your results online, please let us know at: with your full name, date of birth and mobile phone number.


My username and password are not working

If your username (which should be your mobile phone number) and password (which you will have created when you activated your account) are not working, please use the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the login screen.


Why can’t I see my report?

Only the images related to your scan are available in MY NSR. Your referring practitioner will have access to your report and will discuss the results with you. Please make a follow up appointment to receive your report.